Wealth Motivational Speech: You Can Become a Millionaire With What You Have

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Wealth Motivational Speech: Teaching You a Rich Person’s Concept

Want to be a millionaire? Steve Harvey is back to share how what you need to become a millionaire is to find your gift and to use multiples of ten.
Rich people think differently, it’s all a mindset. I’m going to put a rich person’s concept in your head. “The multiples of 10.”
You can become a millionaire with what you have. All of you have what it takes to become rich, you just don’t believe it. Your gift is the answer if you don’t know how to identify or use your gift watch me explain the “the multiples of 10.”

Wealth Motivational Speech

Speakers: Steve Harvey, Les Brown, Brian Tracy

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Originally published at https://motiveex.com on May 14, 2021.